Which is Better Heavy or Light Iron?

Do you want to search for the best for your clothes?

Then you have landed in the right place. 

For parties, dates, and meetings, you will want to have clothes without wrinkles and creases, with crisp and sharp textures. You should have heavyweight or light iron for that purpose, but you might need more time to consider which one to use. 

A fundamental question in our mind is which iron is better, heavy or light, but it is essential to opt for one that will be ideal for your needs. So a simple answer to this question is lightweight, versatile, and practical steam irons are light, so they are the best choice, while heavy ones are hard to handle but simple to use, easy to clean, and budget-friendly. 

So in this blog, we will see the pros and cons of debating the statement: which is better, heavy or light? To decide which one to go for.

Heavy Iron VS Light Iron

Heavy Iron VS Light Iron

You will surely be surprised to think about what ate the diversity between the light and heavy iron, so let's have a look at the considerations of the two options. 

The heavy or dry irons are not featured with steam holes, as the sole plate or bottom is flat and smooth. This is a good option for ironing if you are in an art and craft that needs ironing. 

While a lightweight steam iron has a steam output and steam holes on the bottom of the plate, some options have steam output consisting of hundreds of spots that offer outstanding amounts of steam, as this allows crease and wrinkle-free clothes, and you do not need to iron them. 

So if you opt for a steam iron, ensure the holes are not blocked. In this way, you can get your desired look for clothes. 

Water tank

The water tank is the main difference between heavy, dry, and light steam iron. A steam iron is featured with a water tank to store water, while a dry iron does not come with it. Due to this dry iron, do not throw spray or leak water. So f you want to avoid this, you should go for a dry iron. 

On the other hand, a steam iron is characterized by a water tank so that it can emit steam. So this allows for effective and easy ironing, as steam is excellent for removing wrinkles and stubborn creases from clothes. 

Spray mist

Spray mist is an apparent feature of a steam iron, so this function lets you make your clothes damp so that it will be easier to iron them. 

This feature must seem fun for you.


On the other hand, this is not present in dry iron, so you have to use some elbow grease to press and iron stubborn wrinkles and creases. But in dry iron, you can use a spray bottle to damp clothes, but it is an old fashion way to iron clothes. 


The most innovative feature of the steam iron is that it can double as a dry iron, as you don't need to use the steam function. If you keep the iron tank empty, you will get the dry iron without effort. 

So in a steam iron, you must empty the water tank when you are not using it. Some fabrics, like silk and satin, do not need to be ironed with steam and can be done with a dry iron. 

Unluckily, and in contrast to steam iron, the dry iron can never double up because they are not versatile as the steam iron. 

The Sole Plate

Dry iron is featured with a sole plate, while a steam iron has a lot of holes in it as these holes are made to sprinkle steam on them to remove wrinkles. The drawback of a steam iron is that you must clean up each hole separately because they are often blocked due to the debris and dust most of the time. 

Frequency of Use

Last but not least is the feature of how often you use your iron for your clothes. Because if you iron clothes most often, a steam iron is ideal because it comes with versatility so that you can change the iron settings for the different types of clothes.  

Which One to Choose: Heavy or Light Iron?

While planning to opt for either light or heavy, you should know the pros and cons. So let's dive into the essential details. 

Steam or Light Iron


  • Spray and steam option
  • Effective crease removal
  • Vertical ironing 
  • Double as a dry iron
  • Easy and quickly remove wrinkles


  • Needs more energy

More FAQs

Which type of iron is best?

The best type of iron for home use is the steam iron because it has a tank that you can fill with water, and steam helps to relax the fibre and makes it easy to iron out wrinkles. 

Are heavy clothes irons better?

If you have heavy clothes to iron, you will need heavy iron to remove creases and straighten all wrinkles. 

Which iron is heavy iron or steam iron?

A standard dry iron consumes less power and creates 1000 watts of energy which is enough for ironing clothes. On the other hand, a steam iron comes with a high power rate because it heats water and produces steam. 


Now that you have gone through the differences between light and heavy iron, it will be easy to decide which is better, heavy or light.

To sum up, dry or heavy iron is ideal for most clothes like silk, satin, and wool, as they are easy to clean and handle. 

While steam iron is best for many reasons, like, it can double up as a dry iron, remove wrinkles and creases from clothes, and sprinkle steam to make ironing easy, it isn't easy to clean the holes.  

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