• Infrared Cooker GN-143/22

    Infrared Cooker GN-143/22
    Cooking in a gas stove is getting difficult day by day as there is scarcity of gas and for working families it’s getting too difficult to manage cooking just on time with this little gas. Infrared cooker is a kind of electric cooker which basically made of halogen lamps in a corrosion protected metal plate. It heats evenly due to the radiant coils that...
  • Handy Garment Steamer GNR 1154/21

    Handy Garment Steamer GNR 1154/21
    Add synonyms of ease and convenience in your life by adding Handy Garment Steamer GNR 1154/21 for ironing. It has a 70ml detachable water tanker that keeps you away from the hassle of spraying and eliminates wrinkles quickly. It helps to give your fancy, embroidered, or pleated dresses an elegant and decent look. Gaba National Handy Garment Steamer's (GNR 1154/21) automatic and continuous steam...
  • Baby Washer GNW 93020

    Baby Washer GNW 93020
    Newborns bring a lot of love to a family--and a lot of laundries! New parents will tell you that the dirty clothes pile gets big quickly with a new baby around. Parenthood brings on unique stresses, and we hope that washing and drying your baby’s clothes don’t become one of them which is why we bring you every parent's favorite Baby Washer GNW 93020...
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