Which is Better Induction or Infrared Cooker

Being a professional cooking specialist, I have been using many utensils and cooking wares, but my experience with the products launched by Estore Gaba National is best in many aspects. Whether these products are cookers, pans, baking pans, or any other type, they are excellent for their performance and durability. 

This article will discuss which is better, an induction or infrared cooker, in detail. But the main difference between the two infrared cookers is that they are more energy versatile in cooking. In contrast, induction cookers are more energy efficient than the former. 

So let's dive into the reasons why which is the better choice. 

What is an Infrared Cooker

the infrared cooker is an electric cooker that works on the rule of infrared heat radiation. Infrared ovens heat the electric current in the resistor coil inside to create heat. After this, heat passes to the cooking surface, heating pot, and the food processing in the pot. 

Moreover, infrared cookers are featured with radiant coils and halogen lamps, which are helpful to transfer heat in the cooking utensil. When it is turned on to cook food, it turns to a red glow in contrast to an induction cooker. 

What is an Induction Cooker

An induction cooker is a type in which direct induction to heat the container is used instead of depending on thermal convection, conduction, or natural radiation. In this model, the heat is transferred through currents by an electromagnetic field placed at the bottom of the glass surface to the magnetic induction. 

Furthermore, induction cookers are more efficient because they can transfer heat faster than infrared cookers. However, you can only use an induction cooker with ferromagnetic metals like cast iron and stainless steel. 

Which is Better Infrared or Induction?

Induction or Infrared Cooker

An induction cooker is an electric cooker that works with the use of direct induction.

While the infrared cooker is an electric type that functions with the help of electric current on the principle of infrared heat radiation. 


Regarding heating, infrared cookers heat slowly but can distribute heat more consistently.

Although induction cookers heat faster, the heat accumulates on the bottom of the cooking container. 


The feature of the mechanism in both models is different. In an induction cooker, the heat goes with the help of currents from an electromagnetic field situated on the glass plate at the bottom, where magnetic induction cookware is placed in the container. 

On the other hand, the infrared cooker is characterized by halogen lamps and radiant coils in combination with heat transfer in the cooking container via direct infrared radiation. 

Cooking Containers

With induction cookers, you can only go for cast iron and ferromagnetic materials like stainless steel, while many types of materials can be used in infrared ovens.

Energy Efficiency

In terms of energy efficiency, induction cookers are more energy efficient than infrared cookers.

Electricity Consumption

Induction cookers are more practical and reasonable because they use significantly less electricity than infrared cookers. 


In terms of safety, induction cookers are safer than infrared cookers because they do not turn on without a compatible pan and can automatically turn off when the container is removed. 


Because of no radiation infrared cooker is safe than an induction container. While in an induction cooker, due to the difference in magnetic flux, people should take precautionary measures while standing near induction cookers. 


Infrared cookers are more challenging to clean and wash than induction cookers. 


Infrared cookers are more durable than induction cookers as they are made with durable material. 

So why are infrared cookers better than induction cookers

  • It saves time because infrared cookers make food faster by heating up faster
  • It makes food tastier because of the even distribution of heat across the cooking surface. 
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Is the infrared cooker safe?

    The research in terms of current in infrared cookers says that infrared radiation is not so powerful to change the molecular structure of food processed using it. So it is very safe for human beings and their consumption. 

    Do professional chefs use induction?

    Indications sustainability and functionality have won over a trending number of professional chefs both for residential and commercial use.

    What is the disadvantage of an infrared cooker?

    The most common disadvantage of infrared cookers is that they can quickly go up to high temperatures in less time. 


    By analyzing the above aspects of infrared and induction cookers, it is not wrong to say that there is a very apparent difference between the two types. However, both types can cook food with the use of electricity. 

    To sum up, the differences between infrared cookers and induction cookers are the cooking wares being grown on trend these days due to many benefits. Therefore, the clear contrast between the two is that the infrared cooker does not use radiation, but the induction cooker works with radiation. 

    Do not hesitate to purchase an infrared and induction cooker manufactured by Estore Gaba National, as the brand is reliable, performance conscious, and does not compromise on quality.

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