What Does a Citrus Juicer Do? A Beginner’s Guide

Being a passionate cooking expert, I used many kitchen appliances to ease cooking, and the citrus juicer is one of them. Many types, qualities and models are available in the market according to the requirement of users.  

 A citrus juicer is a kitchen machine that squeezes juice from citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruits. Citrus fruits are a great source of vitamin C and other essential nutrients for good health. Juicing citrus fruits is an excellent and convenient way to integrate more nutrients into your diet. This article will explore what citrus juicers do and how they grind.

Types of Citrus Juicers

Types of Citrus Juicers

Many different and innovative types of citrus juicers are available on the market, and each comes with unique features and paybacks. The most common types of citrus juicers are as follows:

Manual Citrus Juicers

Manual citrus juicers are also known as handheld, the most basic type of citrus juicer. They are intended to extract the juice from citrus fruits like lemons, oranges and grapefruits by hand. These juicers are simple, easy to use, and do not need electricity or batteries.

Electric Citrus Juicers 

Electric citrus juicers are powered by electricity and aim to extract juice from citrus fruits quickly and easily. These juicers are more efficient and well-organized than handheld juicers and can extract more juice from each fruit.

Citrus Presses 

Citrus presses are another category of electric citrus juicer. They press the fruit in a rotating cone to extract the juice. These juicers are more expensive than other citrus but are very effective and competitive at extracting juice from citrus fruits.

Citrus Zesters

Citrus zesters are not theoretical juicers that extract essential oils from citrus fruit peels. These juices add flavor and aroma to various dishes, smoothies, liquids, and beverages.

What Does a Citrus Juicer Do

A citrus juicer is a kitchen tool used for extracting juice from citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruits. It works by pressing the fruit halves against a rotating reamer that extracts the juice while leaving behind the pulp and seeds.

Some juicers also come with a strainer to remove any remaining pulp or seeds from the juice. Citrus juicers are handy for making fresh juices, cocktails, marinades, salad dressings, and other recipes that require citrus juice. They are available in different sizes, designs, and materials, from manual to electric models.

Working a Citrus Juicer 

The essential action of a citrus juicer is relatively humble and modest. The fruit is placed on a cone-shaped reamer or juicing cone, then rotated to get the juice. The juice flows through a filter in a machine and is collected in a container.

Working with manual citrus juicers

Manual citrus juicers work by placing the fruit on a reamer and twisting it back and forth to extract the juice. Electric citrus liquidizers use a motor to rotate the reamer and extract the juice automatically. Some electric citrus juicers also have a feature that allows you to adjust the amount of paste in the fluid.

Citrus presses work by pressing the fruit against a rotating cone using a control or handle. As the fruit is crowded against the cone, the juice is extracted and flows through a strainer into a container. Citrus presses competently extract juice from citrus fruits but can be more expensive than other citrus juicers.

Advantages of Using a Citrus Juicer

Using a citrus juicer has several advantages, like:

Health advantages

Citrus fruits and juices are excellent vitamin C sources essential for good health. Juicing citrus fruits lets you consume more of this energetic nutrient conveniently and lusciously.

Easy to use

Citrus juicers are very easy to use and need minimal preparation. Cut the fruit in half, place it on the machine, and the juicer does the rest.


 Buying canned juice can be expensive, mainly if you use it regularly. Spending in a citrus juicer lets you make your juice at home, saving you money in the long run.


Freshly pressed juice is always more delightful than store-bought juice. Using a citrus juicer allows you to enjoy citrus fruits' full flavor, taster and freshness.


Citrus juice can be used in various recipes, from cocktails to marinades to salad dressings and smoothies. A citrus juicer allows you to experiment with different flavors and tastes and create unique recipes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a citrus juicer?

 A citrus juicer is a  machine used in home and residential kitchens that extracts juice from fruits like lemons, limes, oranges, and grapefruits. It naturally consists of a cone-shaped reamer or press that squeezes the juice from the fruit and a container or jug to extract it.

What are the apparent advantages of a citrus juicer?

One of the central and essential rewards of using a citrus juicer is that it offers to extract the maximum juice from citrus fruits that you can do by pressing them by hand. Citrus juicers are also faster, energy savers, well performed and more efficient than manual methods, which can be particularly useful if you need to juice a tremendous amount of fruit. 

What are the types of citrus juicers?

Many types of citrus juicers are available in the market, including manual, electric, and handheld juicers. Manual juicers typically consist of a cone-shaped reamer and a container to collect the juice, and electric juicers need electric current for operation.

How can you clean a citrus juicer?

Cleaning a citrus juicer will depend on your type of juicer. In general, manual and handheld juicers can be easily cleaned by rinsing them under running water and wiping them with a clean cloth. 


A citrus juicer is a helpful machine for anyone who enjoys and likes fresh-squeezed citrus juice. Whether you favor manual, electric, or handheld models, a citrus juicer is available to meet your needs.

A citrus juicer can save you time and energy in the kitchen by letting you extract more juice more efficiently than manual methods. However, choosing a high-quality juicer and cleaning it regularly is vital to safeguard optimal performance and longevity. With the proper care, a citrus juicer can offer you delicious, fresh juice for years.

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