Single Tub Full Size Washing Machine 12kgs GN-1208

By each passing day our lives our becoming busier, technological wonders like washing machines have enabled us to move forward with our lives while making our daily chores easier.

Gone are the times when washing clothes with hands was common. Washing machine is a huge blessing in terms of saving time and effort.

You can load your clothes in the machine and continue with carrying out your other tasks.

It eliminates the physical effort to clean and scrub the stains. Gaba National Full Size Single Tub washing machine is your perfect cleaning partner.

Loaded with ample features and Jumbo size Tub gives you a better washing experience. Its low noise design comes with 100% copper motor and saves up to 40% energy.

Technology is evolving every day and daily house chores have been made easier. Gaba National aims to make your lives hassle-free and house chores easier.

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