Infrared Cooker GN-143/22

Cooking in a gas stove is getting difficult day by day as there is scarcity of gas and for working families it’s getting too difficult to manage cooking just on time with this little gas.

Infrared cooker is a kind of electric cooker which basically made of halogen lamps in a corrosion protected metal plate. It heats evenly due to the radiant coils that are present in the surrounding lamps. It works almost like a microwave as it passes heat to the cookware by direct infrared radiation.

Gaba National Infrared Cooker consists of a grade black crystal plate, size:280*360mm & an aluminum alloy SUS body and handle with a
sensitive and knob control model. With its 4 numbers digital display, multifunction for different food, multi safety protections - it makes it perfect for busy individuals to have this in their kitchen.

Any type of cookware which is heat proof and has a flat surface can be used in it. This is the reason our customers love it the most.

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