Baby Washer GNW 93020

Newborns bring a lot of love to a family--and a lot of laundries! New parents will tell you that the dirty clothes pile gets big quickly with a new baby around.

Parenthood brings on unique stresses, and we hope that washing and drying your baby’s clothes don’t become one of them which is why we bring you every parent's favorite Baby Washer GNW 93020 that is 2 in 1 which lets you wash & spin clothes to dry. Moreover, it saves up to 60% of water & time which we know is what new parents would want to save at all costs.

Our Baby Washer's (GNW 93020) most enjoyable feature is that its low noise which means you get to do laundry in peace. Made with a 100% copper motor & a rust-free plastic body that makes it both, reliable and durable at the same time.

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